Somerset Web Hosting Services

Lightning quick, secure and stress-free hosting. 

 We provide a dedicated hosting server, meaning that you don’t share your hosting with other websites. This keeps you protected from many potential hackers, data breaches and viruses. It also means that your site has guaranteed resources, meaning it won’t slow down when other sites get busy.

Our fully managed hosting service puts your security first! We guarantee a secure and fast website hosting service, with 24 hour monitoring, leaving you free to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.


Why Choose Newday Media?

We have partnered with leading UK hosting server providers to offer you with a trusted and affordable website hosting service.

Our website hosting service is secure, fast and protected from any potential data breaches or hackers. We can even tie it in with our website design services, creating a custom package for you.

What do you get from our Web Hosting Service?

FREE SSL Certificate

Lets Encrypt Free SSL certificate on every site

Cloud Backups

Every night you’ll site will be backed up

24hr Monitoring

Your site will be monitored around the clock

Content Delivery Network

A free CDN to increase your websites speed.

Website Design

We also build websites that look good and perform even better.