Don’t Copy Other Websites

An online store asked for help. They wanted to find out their home page was loading at a snail’s pace. 

Anyone landing on the site would have to wait 12 seconds. 

No one waits that long.

The main culprit was the carousel. With its ten slides, huge images and dizzying animations, it was a slow-moving disaster.

Now, you’ve all heard my rants about carousels and how useless they are, but they still wanted one.

All his competitors had carousels, so they must good!

Big sigh…

Without any proof or research, he was going to copy what he thought worked (and looked pretty)

No research, no proof. Nothing

But here’s the thing, this approach is common. I’ve seen plenty of sloppy copiers sticking content on their site because others have. 

On the assumption, it must work.

A high-performing website has content for a reason, each with its own purpose and goal.

At the very least, your content should be:

  • raising your credibility
  • proving your authority and experience
  • telling your story

If it doesn’t, then it’s a waste of space.

Don’t copy others because it’s the norm, or you’ve seen it elsewhere.

Think about your content, and make sure it has a purpose. 

You’ll get better results.