Showing what happens next

In hypnotherapy world, there is a technique called future pacing used to give a person the experience of dealing positively with a situation, before it happens.

According to Wikipedia, the mind cannot tell the difference between visualisation and reality, so it accepts it as reality and makes the change.

Did you know we can use a version of this technique on your website?

If you spell out what happens post-purchase, your visitors will think beyond the sale and visualise your product/service as part of their lives.

And it can help persuade them to hit the buy button or get in touch.

So how do we use this on our website?

Well, we can show our visitors what happens next, after they commit, by revealing the next steps in the process.

For example, Airbnb uses the following to entice in potential hosts.

Hosting in 3 steps

  • List your space for free
  • Decide how you want to host
  • Welcome your first guest

I suspect there are more hoops to jump through, but by mentioning your first guest, it will certainly get you thinking beyond the sale.

Very cunning!

At Newday Media, we’ve recently used this technique for a home page re-design. By showing the potential customers what happens after they purchased the product, including dispatch, delivery and aftercare, it helped increase their conversion rate by 7%.

The future-pacing technique is excellent for making prospects think more deeply about your product/services, and explaining what happens after they hit ‘buy.’

If done correctly, you’ll be enticing new customers, all imagining how your product will improve their lives.

Do you have any services, products that could use the future-pacing technique?