Is your website harming your credibility?

Experiments have shown that users will judge a web site’s credibility in as little as 3 seconds. If you’re not making a good impression, there won’t be a second chance.

So how do you make your website credible and trustworthy?

Your site needs to look professional.

Ok, everyone will have their own view on professional, but the critical point is that it looks professional to your target market. A professional-looking online fitness site will be very different from a corporate or luxury website. The colours used should match the type of service and give some meaning.

Be Upfront

We, consumers, don’t like the being lied to. If you don’t declare any additional fees or charges, your potential customers will get annoyed and go elsewhere probably to your nearest competitors. So you need to be upfront and transparent.

Show your Authority

Studies have shown that users will trust a business more if you give them some free advice. For example, if you are a travel agent and you gave tips on how to pack suitcases, that will only lead to a positive experience and build more trust.