Advice: Redesigning your website

I’ll start designing my new site. I’ll keep chopping and changing.

6 months pass.

You’re almost there, but then you see a site you like more, you change direction again.

Eventually, it ends up bottom of your todo list.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” -Winston Churchill.


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He had a point.

Sometimes we obsess over been too perfect, that we don’t move in the right direction.

Smaller steps forward are more palatable, and this applies to your website.

See your website as ever-changing.

Work on your site frequently and adjust. Keep reviewing and keep improving.

Use tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to see how people act.

Run A & B tests to improve the user experience.

Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Your website is a never-ending, an unfinished piece of art. Piece by piece, your website will improve, and you will get better results.

If you do need to redesign, then set yourself a deadline.

Make yourself accountable. Otherwise, you’ll keep changing, or work and life will swallow up your spare time.

Think of your website as plant, with constant attention and care, it will grow (Disclaimer: I have a plastic garden and rubbish at gardening)

What little steps can you take today, that will improve your website?