Avoid the Space Invaders

You’re probably thinking, what’s a website got to do with an arcade classic. But it’s the perfect phrase to describe poor content or as I like to call it ‘SpaceInvaders.’

What are Space Invaders?

They are pieces of content that don’t have any purpose and are merely there to fill up space on a website.

Every piece of content must be captivating. It has to connect with your users, list your products/services or initiate contact. 

What types of space invaders are there?

Twitter Feeds.

Your customers are not visiting your website to see your Twitter feed. If they wanted to view your feed, they’d go to Twitter. 

If you want more followers, encourage them to follow you on Twitter, but don’t show your feed.


They may look pretty, but stat’s have proved that only 1% of visitors actually click on a carousel. And only 3.1% of those clicked on the second slide. That’s practically useless.

Carousels will increase page load times, which can harm your credibility. Would you wait over 5 seconds for a website to load? Probably not.

A Welcome note

Any text welcoming visitors to its website needs removing now. Welcome is perfect for a front door mat but not a website. 

People don’t read websites, they’ll scan them. Looking for information that matches their query. Customers won’t waste time reading a fluffy statement. Get rid.

What you should do instead

When you add content to your site, consider how it will help generate more leads. It needs to engage your customers and tell them your story. If it doesn’t tie in with any of those, then ditch it.

If you avoid using SpaceInvaders, you’ll have more clarity on your website. Your customers won’t get distracted and overloaded with content.